Kunstinsel Guidelines EN


The town of Hallein is a quaint little town with about 15,000 inhabitants. It is famous for its Celtic roots. The town is located between the mountains of the alpine foothills, just outside the world famous festival city Salzburg. While VIPs in the city of Mozart meet to the sound of classical music, an alternative culture has developed in Hallein, which celebrates a centuries long sculptural tradition. A collaboration is growing between the two cultures. Festival guests are attracted by the high artistic level of the sculpture scene in Hallein, many of whom are willing to invest in young artists and their work.


Concept Kunstinsel

The Kunstinsel is an art workshop, that allows emerging national and international artists from different styles and mind-set to enter a co-creating environment. The creative community atmosphere is condusive for the artist to form works of highly skilled artistic level. The candidates work alone and independently on their submitted project described in the application.The art work that is created during that process will remain in the property of the artist.However, the work will be exhibited and offered for sale for one year in the town of Hallein. If the artwork isn’t sold after that period the artist can either pick up the art work or donate it to the Kunstinsel. The artists are obligated to sell their work on demand within one year. The price of the finished artwork will be determined in consultation with the artist. Kunstinsel receives a 50% commission on the sale of the artwork and 50% belongs to the artist.


Artist in Residence – The offer

Die Kunstinsel is providing Studio space, tools, machines for the artists free of charge.Any purposeful destruction has to be paid by the candidate.The artists receive all materials to realize the art project. Anything needed that wasn’t planned before starting the project has to be paid by the artist. Nude models as well as other services needed will be paid to a certain extent by Kunstinsel. All candidates will get a simple housing. All costs like, provisions, work clothing and travel costs have to be covered by the artist.All artworks will be offered for sale. The art exhibitions and the management of art sales will be organized by Kunstinsel. Every artist will be promoted through our catalog and via website.